Kenmore Gas Dryer Not Heating?

Kenmore gas dryers are great buys. They have a large capacity, they’re easy to use, and have great drying results to give you value for your money. This is the dryer for both small and large families as Kenmore considers the interests of most in preferring large capacity dryers. In addition, the Kenmore gas dryer makes use of Steam Care technology to relax wrinkles, reduce odors and reduce static for ready-to-wear convenience. The Steam Refresh cycle and the Static Shield option of the Kenmore dryers automatically emit steam, making your items to dry quickly as well as reduce wrinkling.

No one likes it when they have an expensive gas dryer not heating, even if only for a short time. And if you need to buy a new dryer, a Kenmore gas dryer can meet your laundry needs. Most people take for granted their dryer and assume that it’ll run forever. When it stops functioning properly, and a repair is needed, it’s usually at a most inconvenient time. Some individuals who are handy with tools and repair manuals may attempt to fix the problem themselves, but for the average joe this isn’t always a possibility. Here are some helpful tips to go over before you call in the professionals.

Common Kenmore Gas Dryer Not Heating Problems

Kenmore Gas Dryer Not HeatingBefore you read further, make sure to check out our general troubleshooting information for a gas dryer not heating.

Based on the feedback on thousands of customers, these are the common problems often faced with the Kenmore gas dryer:

• Although the homeowner has tried several times to turn on the unit, no matter how long it runs, the gas dryer will not heat.
• The dryer appears to be putting out some heat, but it is not enough and it takes hours to dry what would normally take a much shorter amount of time.
• The dryer will not stop once it has gotten started.

Certainly a Kenmore gas dryer can have some of these problems occur. If they do, what can you do about troubleshooting the problem? One of the first steps is to pull out the manual that came with your dryer and locate the troubleshooting guide.

Navigating the Manual

To begin your troubleshooting, make sure that the dryer is plugged in and the fuse hasn’t been tripped. Some homeowners have thought there were bigger problems only to find out that the problem lay in their fuse box. The second thing to do is to make sure your dryer door is shut until it locks. Kenmore dryer doors can often be in a position where it seems that they’re closed, but actually they aren’t. This can also make the dryer not work.

An additional problem is a broken belt, which may not let the dryer drum go around as it should. Once the steps to repair or troubleshoot the gas dryer are identified, try making the repair if you feel confident in your abilities. A Kenmore gas dryer manual will list all of the commonly seen repairs and how to take care of them on your own. If you lack the skills or confidence to make the repairs it may be necessary to call in a professional.

If you call a professional and tell him “my dryer won’t heat” he or she will probably know what the general problem will be. Experience will help guide their decisions. There is a difference between the dryer not drying and the dryer not heating. If the dryer is drying, but taking a long time to do so, that is a completely different problem than the dryer not having any heat at all. If the dryer does not have the ability to heat up completely, it will not matter how long it runs as it will not put out any heat. Sometimes the thermostat is out in the dryer and another problem could be a broken belt that will not turn the drum. These factors are often the cause of problems with the gas dryer not heating at all.

Blocked Vents

Some individuals do not take the time to check their dryer vent for buildup, blockage or a kinked hose. A repairman may be called out and the problem identified in the dryer vent. A Kenmore gas dryer is like other makes and models, in that it is vital to take the time to clean out the accumulated lint in the lint trap, both to make the dryer more efficient and to guard against a fire.

Need Help?

If you need help with solving your Kenmore gas dryer, this is the website for you. We have interesting articles which guide people on how to get the best from their dryer. Of course, Kenmore is one of the industry leaders concerning high-quality dryers. However, dryers can break down anytime, even after few months of purchase. Therefore, visiting our website from time to time will make you to learn important things that you might never have heard about your dryer.