Troubleshooting Maytag Gas Dryers

Maytag gas dryers are very good because they make use of advanced moisture sensing system without over-drying your clothes. The system also works to reduce the risk of your clothes shrinking. These units are some of the best in the industry, boasting of a commercial-grade 1/3 horsepower motor that makes you to dry your things within a short time – and effectively.

These are some of the basic features of Maytag gas dryers:

• More than 10 cycles, including Automatic Dry, Energy Preferred and Timed Dry, to allow you to dry different fabrics.
• Premium dryer drum rollers and a smooth balance suspension system for that make the machine to function without making noise.
• Panel controls, in most cases, rear, that provide convenient access to all option and cycle selections.
• End-of-cycle signal alerts that make you to know when a cycle is complete.
• 360-degree front and rear heat seals that give you enhanced drying performance through the prevention of heat loss.

Troubleshooting Steps for Maytag Gas Dryers

If you have just bought a Maytag machine sometime in your lifetime, then you know how great a working dryer can be. When it works properly, your dryer makes the laundry process much easier and more efficient; making your life all the more easier. But when that dryer stops working, figuring out what is wrong and how to fix it can be a challenge. Sometimes it seems like the dryer has a problem only an expert can fix. Fortunately, there are some troubleshooting steps you can try at home before you call for an expensive and time-consuming repair.

My Dryer Won’t Heat!

• If your dryer does not heat, the first thing to do is check the electrical circuit. A large appliance like a dryer sometimes accidentally trips a circuit, which is easy to fix.
• Sometimes a new gas dryer is not set up with an open gas supply line. All you have to do is find the supply line and make sure it is open.
• If your dryer is not connected to the right power supply, it will not run. This job is for a trained electrician, after you have checked all other options. Usually, if nothing else helps, telling the electrician that the dryer is not heating will help him or her find the best solution.

My Dryer Isn’t Drying!

• If your dryer is not drying, make sure the dryer door is closed securely. Do not let anything get caught in the door, as that will keep it from closing.
• Make sure that you pressed the START/DRY button firmly. Hold the button for up to five seconds. If the dryer does not start it will not dry anything.
• Double-check the electrical circuit. Sometimes, a clothes dryer uses more than one circuit connection to work. This helps to balance the electrical load, but can make it harder to find a misconnection.
• Make sure the dryer is not over-loaded. If there is too much in the dryer, it will not run properly and your clothes will not dry.
• Only use one dryer sheet at a time, and make sure the dryer sheet does not block the vent.
• If the dryer is in a closet, make sure the area is ventilated well. If the dryer is overheated, it will not work as well.

What if you follow these steps and your gas dryer is still not working the way you want it to? The best approach if your dryer is not working is to contact a trained repairperson. He or she will be able to find the reason the dryer is not working and fix whatever needs to be repaired.

Unit-Specific Troubleshooting Steps

The following steps will help depending on your unit. For best results, consult with your machine’s manual.

Gas Dryer Fails to Start

• Check the status of the door, it might be open.
• START/DRY or START/PAUSE button wasn’t pressed long enough, try holding it for 2-5 seconds.
• Check for a blown circuit or incorrect power supply.
• Wrong time of fuse used – make sure that the fuse is a time-delay type.

Gas Dryer Not Heating

• Check the fuses, blown circuits, and the power supply as above.
• Make sure that the gas supply line is switched on as it might be in the off position.

Weird Noises are Coming from the Dryer

• If it’s humming or whining, then it’s possible that the water valve is on in the case of the steam function (if you have it on your dryer). This is normal and can be ignored.
• If your gas dryer is producing thumping noises, this will start during the beginning of the cycle and will subside. This is normal.
• Excessive vibration and rattling noises mean that there could be a small object stuck in the drum, the gas dryer isn’t level on the floor, or thick clothing is balled and/or bunched up inside the dryer. Check for foreign objects inside the unit, make sure that it’s level, and un-bunch the clothes and start the cycle again.

Clothes are Still Wet

• Check the dryer vent or lint screen to ensure that it isn’t clogged.
• The dryer vent isn’t the correct length or it has too many twists and turns. See if you can straighten the path to the exhaust.
• The dryer vent isn’t the correct size. Make sure that it is at least 4 inches in diameter.
• The dryer isn’t level on the ground, which would cause the moisture sensors inside the unit to malfunction.
• You selected the wrong temperature setting. Make sure that the correct temperature is used to dry the types of clothes that you’re drying.
• Overloaded dryers. Decrease the amount of clothing inside the unit to see if that helps.
• Your dryer is located inside of a small closet. Make sure that there is minimum clearance of at least 1 inch on the sides and at least 5 inches at the back of the machine.

The Dryer Cycle Ends Really Early or is Too Short

• The sensor strips may not be working properly. Check to see if the dryer is level.
• If clothes are still coming out wet, try a touch-up cycle to see if that helps.
• Change the dryness setting on the sensor cycle of your unit to see if that helps as well.

Lint, Stain, and Wrinkling Problems

• Make sure that the lint screen is clear on each load to ensure that no excess gets on clothes.
• If you experience stained clothing, make sure that you only use dryer sheets at the beginning of a cycle, and not midway when clothes are already dry. Also, make sure not to use them in a steam cycle or else you will get stains on your clothes.
• Drum stains are experienced when your clothes have dark dyes or pigments that come out naturally (e.g. dark indigo jeans, typically). Air dry these instead.
• Wrinkling is usually experienced if you don’t take the load out of the dryer right away, or the cycle was too short. Use a touchup cycle to correct this. For gas dryers with a steam cycle, make sure that the water line is properly connected to the dryer and that the water supply is turned on.

My Clothes Smell

• Make sure that the area where your gas dryer is located is well-ventilated.
• Make sure that the water supply is turned on if you have a steam model.
• Select the custom refresh cycle if you have a steam model.

My Clothes are Blazing Hot

• Be careful not to take the clothes out of the dryer too quickly.
• Use a sensor cycle with a lower heat setting so that you don’t overdry the clothes.

Diagnostic Codes

• PF – Power Failure – Hold START/DRY or START/PAUSE to restart the cycle once you regain power.
• L2 – Low or no line voltage – Check all fuses, power codes, and try to restart the dryer. If this doesn’t work, the problem is likely electrical-related and you will need a licensed electrician to examine the power situation.
• AF – Low Airflow – Check the lint screen and dryer vent for clogging conditions. The gas dryer may still run but it isn’t a good idea to continue with a clogged screen or vent. Make sure to remove all lint and obstructions.
• F# E# – Service Codes – If your gas dryer shows a code such as F5 E5, this is a special code that indicates the problem can only be rectified by a service technician. Contact a licensed Maytag repairman in your area to examine the unit and correct it.

Maytag Gas Dryers Summary

Basic preventative care will keep your clothes dryer in good shape most of the time. However, even the best appliance owners sometimes need to follow a troubleshooting guide for minor maintenance issues. Sometimes, even with regular use, a machine will need attention from a trained repairperson or electrician. But knowing how to prevent many of the major issues will save you money and keep your Maytag gas dryers in good condition.