Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating?

The Whirlpool gas dryer gives you a number of options when it comes to drying your clothes. You have the option of choosing different cycles, temperatures, capacity, and you can dry your clothes in the least amount of time possible without the worries of your dryer wearing and tearing. The Whirlpool WGD5700VW gas dryer is the most popular out of the many different types of dryers. However, just like with any product that you buy, things can go wrong sometimes. You will find a list below of different things you might expect to go wrong if you’re having problems with a Whirlpool dryer not heating.

Make sure to review our general troubleshooting tips for a dryer not heating before reading on.

Whirlpool Gas Dryer Troubleshooting – Why is My Whirlpool Dryer Not Heating?

Power – Make sure that your dryer is getting enough power. The Whirlpool gas dryer will need 120 volts AC. To check, the breaker to the unit needs to be turned on and turned off. The breaker may be kicked even though it may not look like it and this will cause your motor to continue running, but it won’t heat. There could also be blown fuses in your breaker box as well as you having bad power cords.

Thermal Fuse – This is designed to monitor the temperature of your dryer. Your dryer may get to a point where it doesn’t get hot anymore. However, this fuse is designed to blow out when your dryer is too hot. If it blows out, it could mean that your dryer has overheated. Check inside your exhaust duct where the venting system is located to make sure that the thermal fuse is still connected.

Igniters – These are something that many dryers have to make lighting them much easier. After the gas has been ignited by the igniter, it will then pass through a gas valve that will light up when it has gotten to a certain temperature. The thermostat is then encouraged to open the valve and the dryer will heat the air that comes through. If your valve does not light up, your igniter has failed. However, this applies only if the motor is still running. Maybe heating worked great for awhile, but if it died down then be sure to check this part out.

Flame Sensor – This tells you whether or not if your igniter is working right. To tell if your flame sensor needs to be replaced, pay attention to the igniter. If your igniter comes on but doesn’t go off after at least 15 seconds, then its time to replace your flame sensor.

Gas Valve Coil – Let’s just say that your igniters are working fine, it’s producing a glow and your thermal fuse seems to be doing it’s job; yet you’re still frustrated due to the fact of the dryer not drying. This could mean the gas valve coil is not working. Your dryer will have no igniting of gas. At this point the valve won’t even open. The dryer not heating at this stage means that you have to replace the valve. Considering this cheap to replace, you can obtain a new one the same day.

Boundary Thermostats – Limit thermostats keep the air flow of the dryer around a certain temperature inside of a drum. If one of your thermostats get stuck open, your dryer may still think that the dryer is hot enough and therefore will not let any more air travel to the parts of the gas burner.

What If My Dryer Won’t Heat Still?

If you’re still having trouble with your dryer not heating, it could be a number of other things such as the dryer vent or the dryer heating element. With the heating element, it may be just that it is malfunctioning. It could be burned out which means you’ll have to replace it to return to the maximum temperature. If it’s the dryer vent, then there may be something blocking it. This can easily be fixed by obtaining a blower or vacuum and cleaning it out.

Some of the issues associated with Whirlpool parts are easy to repair while others are not. However, at any time you come across a situation that is not in your manual, you should consult a dryer repair professional immediately.

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